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When we started our first website back in the 90’s, we had no idea that it would end up lasting us for around 20 years!

Obviously times have changed, and part of the challenge of bringing back The Lost Forests to a new generation has been migrating everything from a time when Microsoft Paint was the most advanced image software, to this new era of Photoshop and “high resolution”!

This is a process that will continue for some time, but we are so happy to have had the help of Shane Shulman and his team at Fertile Media, who have been so excellent and understanding in helping us produce this wonderful new website. Thank you, Shane!

We are also grateful our amazing illustrator of 30 years, Chris Johnston, who kept and shared so many special pieces of Lost Forest art with us from his large archive. We couldn’t have achieved this without such a kind and skilled team. Thank you to everyone who continues to help.

And to everyone who is reading this … tada! … the site works!



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