Baby B.O. Uggle from Grandma Puggle’s Missing Silver Eggtimer


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An UGGLE made from the softest velour and white nylon hair is sure to be a fast-friend for anyone who doesn’t mind a bit of untidiness … or for someone with a soft spot for outcasts and troublemakers! Our UGGLES also contain polyester fibre and wheat filling to ensure they give only the highest quality weighted “UGGLE”!

B.O. UGGLE the very first fly catcher from Puggle Town

Size:     11cm / 4 1/2”

Colours: Pink with White mane

Handmade in The Lost Forests

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Suitable for ages 3+

This loveable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …



People who have been lucky enough to adopt a PUGGLE will know them to be very tidy creatures. This is the certainly the case for most PUGGLES, and nearly all of them value the same high level of cleanliness and hygiene. However . . . every now and then a PUGGLE comes along that shows an enormous talent in one unfortunate thing: Mess Making!

These scruffy PUGGLES develop a love of dirt at an early age, and it soon begins to show in very telling ways . . . they never clean their teeth, so they turn black . . . they never cut their nails, so they grow long and thick . . . they never wash behind their necks or down their backs, so long hair starts to grow in the grime . . . and finally, their noses turn black and hard from all the scrounging they do in the PUGGLE TOWN rubbish bins looking for their favourite food … FLIES!

It’s not long before the pong of such “UGLY PUGGLES” is enough to make the others chase them out of town to the PUGGLE RUBBISH DUMP, where they end up living out their days in beautiful, heavenly filth!

So if you happen to have a particularly messy room, then please do consider adopting an UGGLE as it will feel right at home with you. And who knows . . . perhaps you could even teach it a thing or two about being untidy!

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