Bubaloo Bird a friend of the Puggles


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Bubaloo Bird
Known throughout the otherworlds as the monkey bird….the bubaloo bird has the most usual long coat of fur. Their favourite place to dwell in the lost forests is where there is both water and thick undergrowth. It is here that the bubaloo song can be heard….and what a peculiar sound it is! To those who haven’t encountered one in the wild before, the song sounds a lot like a bubbley, gurgly fart. The gigalot possums laugh uncontrollably when they hear the bubaloo call. So that any poor soul who happens to pass by will hear and see a performance so bizarre that they too will be brought to tears of laughter by the interaction between the bubaloos and gigalots!

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery as these creatures are custom made in The Lost Forests.

Details: Long colourful fur with velour contrasts on an elastic fixture to hang and bounce up and down.

Dimensions: H- 88cm W- 32cm

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Suitable for ages 3+


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