Christmas Fairy Puggle – Limited time only!


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Product Description

Limited Edition Christmas Fairy Puggles are the perfect gift this Christmas! Order one quick before they disappear back down the trapdoor ! 

Our Christmas Fairy PUGGLES are made from cotton and contain polyester fibre and wheat filling to ensure they give only the highest quality weighted “HUGGLES”! 

Size:     16cm / 6 ¼” 

Handmade in The Lost Forests. 

All prices are in Australian $ GST inclusive. 

Suitable for ages 3+ 


This lovable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …  


The puggles became bored of the small-town life in PUGGLE TOWN and wanted more! They craved adventure and excitement; something you just don’t get on the train to FLATAPUS BAY! They waddled their way out on a journey across the OTHERWORLDS, and found themselves in PIGMIE VALLEY! It was here that the adult FLYING PIGMIES mistook them for BABY FLYING PIGMIES! Now, you might be wondering how they mistook them? Well, the adventurous group of puggles were PINK and our BABY FLYING PIGMIES aren’t born with wings! They grow them! Such an easy mistake to make! They let the adventurous PUGGLES join in on training sessions for the BABY PIGMIES and soon enough these PUGGLES grew WINGS!

The word PUGGLE means:

Peace, Understanding, Gentleness, Generosity, Love and Energy.

Wherever PUGGLES go, they always leave behind one of these qualities.

So spread the word . . . and the word is PUGGLE.

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