Fair Dinkum – Friend of Penelope Puggle


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Made from smooth cream velour, plush filling, and soft brown fur, the FAIR DINKUM is the cutest, cuddliest and most trustworthy tour guide this side of the OTHERWORLDS! Each FAIR DINKUM comes with its own fur sleeping pod … which also doubles as a warm hat!

Size:    Head to Toe: 35cm / 13 3/4”

Sleeping Pod: 40cm / 15 3/4”

Colours: Brown

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Suitable for ages 3+

This loveable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …


Long before the world map had been invented, it was quite common for first-time travellers to get helplessly . . . haplessly . . . hopelessly lost!

Back then, most humans were forced to take that universally dreaded “scenic route home” almost every day.

But for the large tribe of tiny, fair-haired “DINKUMS”, finding their way around the unmapped globe was as easy as “PUGGLE Pie”! Driven by a strong “moral compass” in their small-but-kind hearts, the DINKUMS dedicated their lives to the noble task of helping lost travellers in reaching their destinations safely. For the longest time, the DINKUMS guided lost folk, making sure they only ever gave what they called “totally reliable, undeniably ethical” directions to those who had gone right . . . and sometimes even left . . . “off the map”!

However . . . on the day the “pocket-sized travel compass” started being sold in shops, travellers snapped them up and instantly stopped getting so lost. Regular work for the fair-haired DINKUMS quickly “went south”, and endless days filled with nothing but “thumb-twiddling” loomed! To avoid this fate they migrated down into the OTHERWORLDS where they are still happily working as tour guides today.

So this is why if anyone ever tells you something is “FAIR DINKUM” . . . it’s because they know it to be “totally reliable, undeniably ethical” information.

Or just “TRUE” for short!

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Dimensions 34 cm