Flying Pig and Flying Pig e-flip Book


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Flying Pig Plus a bonus Flying Pig e-flip Book

Like all our toys, our soft pink velour FLYING PIGS are based on the real ones living below the Trapdoor in our store! They have large flappable wings that are connected to nylon lines and an elastic cord, so that when you suspend your FLYING PIG from the ceiling and pull the toy down gently … it will bob up and down flapping its wings!

Size:     Nose to Tail: 38cm / 15″

Wing Span: 82cm / 32″

Colours: Pink

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Suitable for ages 3+

This loveable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …


When a person believes something is impossible to achieve, or unlikely to take place, they may say, “That will happen when pigs fly!” It seems throughout history that people have been fascinated with the thought of FLYING PIGS . . . but why pigs? Why not “Flying Frogs”, or “Flying Snakes”, or even “Flying Giant Squids”? The answer is simple: Once upon a time . . . all pigs flew! Even though we no longer see them racing through our skies, the memory of FLYING PIGS has endured . . . but where are they now? When early humans first arrived on the scene, many of the original “FLYING PIGMIES” quickly became very fond of gobbling up people’s table scraps down on the ground. Before long, most PIGMIES had become so used to searching for “floored food” (and so much “porkier” for finding it) that their weight soon kept them permanently “grounded”.

As time passed, their unusable wings became smaller with each new generation until they completely vanished forever. This is why we can’t really blame anyone for believing FLYING PIGS aren’t real . . . but we can assure you that a large number of diet-conscious PIGMIES did avoid the “sty-life”, and still enjoy the “sky-life” beneath the trapdoor to the OTHERWORLDS. And just like the real FLYING PIGS, our toy versions have very straight tails. This is because they fly so fast and so often, that any sign of “TAIL CURL” is straightened out by the slipstream of the air when flying!

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