Fruggle – Geoffrey Green-toes Fruggle from The Puggle Tales


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A green-toed FRUGGLE made from the softest velour is the perfect gift for that someone who loves being in, on, and around the water! All our FRUGGLES come with their very own “TRAVEL BAG” in which they enjoy being slung over a shoulder and taken on sight-seeing trips. Our FRUGGLES also contain polyester fibre and wheat filling to ensure they give only the highest quality weighted “FRUGGLES”!

Size:     Body 17.5cm / 6 3/4”

Legs 15cm / 5 3/4”

Colours: Green

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Suitable for ages 3+

This loveable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Many early mornings ago, a small PUGGLE was racing through the bush to his front door in Ferntree Gully. Early morning settlers . . . who were fond of PUGGLE Pie . . . were chasing him when his foot slipped on a wet gum leaf and he puggled “head-over-peas” down a hill

and straight into a Billabong (a big Australian puddle).

He tried to “pug-paddle” but being so full of split peas he quickly sank to the bottom. Thankfully a long piece of straw got stuck up his nose on the way down which allowed him to breath quite happily until the settlers had gone away. From then on he continued to eat at night but spent the days safely beneath the water. Over the years this PUGGLE (and some of his other friends) slowly adapted to aquatic life by growing longer legs . . . larger eyes . . . and turning green! In doing so they became what we now call . . . GREENTOES FRUGGLES!

Since then we have discovered that FRUGGLES quite enjoy travelling around safely in jars. To get them into their “travel jar”, hold them upright in the “checking for clean feet” position, placing their bottom on the open top of the jar. Keeping their legs up close to their nose, gently squeeze their bottom a few times and ease them into their jar.

To remove a FRUGGLE from their jar . . . simply turn the jar bottom up and shake gently up and down!

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