Puggle Polar in a Bag – the Furry Puggle



A POLAR PUGGLE made from the softest white fur is a rare OTHERWORLDS creature that loves the cold, but can still give the warmest cuddles! Our POLAR PUGGLES also contain polyester fibre and wheat filling to ensure they give only the highest quality weighted “HUGGLES”! Our POLAR PUGGLES also come with their very own drawstring sleeping bag featuring a handy “NOSE HOLE” through which you can poke the nose and whiskers of your PUGGLE at night.

Size:     16cm / 6 ¼”

Colours: White

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Suitable for ages 3+

This loveable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …


Every so often a PUGGLE is born that absolutely loves the cold. When these PUGGLES are old enough to leave home,

they climb to the top of PUGGLE MOUNTAIN to live happily together in large ice caves.

In order to survive comfortably through the cold winters there, they grow cosy white fleeces to keep themselves warm . . . but not too warm, of course! As soon as their winter coats are thick and fluffy they are then officially known as . . . POLAR PUGGLES! When a POLAR PUGGLE rolls itself up into a ball it looks just like a snowball, and occasionally an inexperienced POLAR PUGGLE will decide to roll all the way down the mountain to visit friends and family. However . . . stopping a rolling POLAR PUGGLE can be a problem . . . especially if the snow is sticky!

A rolling POLAR PUGGLE can find itself 50 times larger than before it started its journey down the mountain, and sometimes it can take days to dig a POLAR PUGGLE out from inside one of these giant snowballs!

This tends to discourage most POLAR PUGGLES from “rolling” long distance. Thank goodness they are excellent skiers!


The word PUGGLE means:

Peace, Understanding, Gentleness, Generosity, Love and Energy.

Wherever PUGGLES go, they always leave behind one of these qualities.

So spread the word . . . and the word is PUGGLE.

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