Recycle your pre-loved childrens books, soft and wooden toys and receive a store credit to the same value


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The Process.

Here’s how it works…

Purchase a Voucher for $30 and send us your pre loved, soft toys & books (Australia only).  We accept up to 10 kg similar to  the books in the photo which is roughly equivalent to 10 kg  If you’re unsure of how many to include we recommend giving the box a quick weigh before sending it off!  A good idea is to use bathroom scales .  Box size approximately 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm

When we receive the box, our team will gently sort them.
The soft toys  will be cleaned & repaired  as will the books, some will be donated to charities & some will be recycled in our shop.
Some soft toy material will be  re-used in the making of our The Lost Forests toys.
Any books that can’t be reused will be prepared for recycling! They will not be going to landfill.
You’ll also earn a $30 store credit for your first return!
Put this towards a fresh set of Puggles or other characters and instantly refresh your toy & book collection.
Participating in the Recycling Collection costs $30, which is fully redeemable on The Lost Forests products in the form of a $30 credit.
The fee allows up to 10 kg of clean toys & books to be collected from your front door; no plastic toys please.

Australians are dumping 953 kg of textiles into landfill every single minute and of this number 95% could have been reused, repurposed or recycled.

When you’re ready, simply reach out to The Lost Forests & we will send you a label to attach and a date that the courier will retrieve the items from your doorstep. It’s that easy!

It’s THAT easy to begin reducing our collective impact on landfill.