Slo Mo Sloth + The Very Sleepy Sloth Book combo




Size: 50cm (20″)

Beige shaggy fur with his own unique coat tails and bow tie.

Has velcro attached to paws and he is happy to be hanging around your neck.

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Suitable for ages 3+


SLO MO SLOTH was one of the very last to find the magic trap door and find safety in The Lost Forests; for one very obvious reason…You see sloths are notoriously lazy, they don’t like to travel at all!

They very rarely leave their tree houses because when they do, it can take hours for them just to get to ground level.  Then it’s time for a nap!

Do you know why SLO MO SLOTH has such long arms?  Well, apart from them being very useful to hang from branches, SLO MO likes to hitch a ride whenever he can, so watch out while you’re in the forest, you may find him hanging around your neck.

SLO MO SLOTH lives in a place called SLEEPY VALLEY in the OTHERWORLDS.  When he isn’t “hanging out” he is sleeping and dreaming of fast-paced adventures.  You could make his dreams come true!

THE VERY SLEEPY SLOTH BOOK by Andrew Murray and Jack Tickle

Read the story of the lazy sloth and his animal friends.

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