The Sweet Peas from The Puggle Tales


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Made from the softest velour and plush filling, these four whimsical pea-babies will be sure to quadruple the number of smiles in your home each day. Their snuggly zipped sleeping pod is made complete with a handy loop for you to suspend your new SWEET PEAS in your favourite viewing spot at home! 4 peas to a pod.

Size:     30cm / 11 3/4″

Colours: 4 Green peas in a blue pod

Handmade in The Lost Forests.

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Suitable for ages 3+

This lovable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …


If you look in your dictionary, you will see that the word PEA means “plant with seeds in pods, used for food”. When the early settlers began exploring new lands, these particular SWEET PEAS grew in trees everywhere. Not surprisingly . . . hungry (and unsuspecting) explorers took a liking to the large size of them . . . and that’s when their troubles began.

Little did they know that when these SWEET PEAS are picked, cut up, and put in a boiling pot of water to make pea soup, a strange thing happens.

As the soup bubbles, a mist rises from the pot becoming thicker and thicker until soon you can’t see the nose on the front of your face. This is where the expression “A pea souper of a fog” comes from! Eventually the “fog” fades . . . but so does everything else! You soon discover you’re somewhere else . . . and not always in a nice place either.

And to think they’re known as SWEET PEAS!

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