Syracuse Salt Pincher




Made from the softest velour, fur and plush filling, the SYRACUSE SALT PINCHER is a shy little creature that has the most curious ears! By finding the hidden string underneath it, you can make its ears close up at the slightest loud noise!

Size:     16cm / 6 ¼”

Colours: Purple and Latte

Handmade in The Lost Forests

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Suitable for ages 3+

This lovable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …


Once a long time ago in a place called SYRACUSE, the local people used to mine the world’s finest salt. After spreading it outdoors in large flat trays, they needed several days of sunny weather so that the salt would have time to dry out. The fine weather they required was often difficult to predict . . . until it was discovered that small, long eared salt loving creatures would appear from the surrounding woods and fields when a long stretch of good weather was coming! Thanks to these curious critters, the salt miners could always be sure when it would be safe to leave the salt out to dry. As a token of their appreciation they rewarded the little shy animals by throwing a pinch of salt over their shoulders to them. This explains where the habit of throwing a pinch of salt over one’s shoulder, and the expression “A pinch of salt” came from! However, this custom was ended soon after the invention of large salt mining machines. These noisy contraptions were much too loud for such timid and long eared animals, and so they all retired to the quiet of the OTHERWORLDS. Remember . . . if you adopt a LONG EARED SYRACUSE SALT PINCHER, then try not startle it with loud noises. If you do, you’ll soon discover how good they are at blocking their long ears!

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Weight .495 kg

Purple, Latte