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Colours: Bookworm — Blue


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THE LOST FORESTS BOOK: The reasons why The Lost Forests exist can be found between the pages of our original, best-selling picture book, “THE LOST FORESTS”. Discover why a FLYING PIG gave TIMOTHY BARBER a bag of magic seeds, and find out what happened when he eventually planted them!

Co-written by TONY BARBER (one of our original founders) and ROWENA CORY, and illustrated by CHRIS JOHNSTON and ROWENA CORY.

32 pages with full-colour illustrations.

BOOKWORMS: Made from the softest velour and plush filling, the mischievous BOOKWORM is sure to give big smile-filled surprises to young readers! To operate, place your BOOKWORM flat in a book, then close the book leaving the head and tail showing out both ends. Pull the BOOKWORM’S head upwards slowly until the fat tail stops it going any further, and let the head drop down the back of the book. To surprise … pull the tail down sharply to make the BOOKWORM head appear out of the top of the book!

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Size:    The Lost Forests Book (29cm / 11 1/2”) Bookworm (49cm / 19 ¼”)

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Suitable for ages 3+

All our loveable BOOKWORMS from the OTHERWORLDS come with their very own unique “Story Cards” featuring this tale …


Every morning, every trapdoor in every LOST FOREST is closed and locked to protect the animals and creatures that live below in the OTHERWORLDS.

But . . . because they can flatten themselves, the BOOKWORMS from the OTHERWORLDS often “slip up” into the THE LOST FORESTS and head straight for the books.

If they just took bites out of the books it would be easy to see where they were . . . but they don’t! They slide in between the pages and lick the letters off the paper.

Unfortunately . . . if you remove certain letters from certain words . . . you can end up with some very naughty words!

The only way to get a BOOKWORM out of a book is to squeeze its tail. It hates this, and soon its head will jump out of the top of the book. Grab it by the neck and pull it out. We iron the ones we catch even flatter still and use them as bookmarks!

Life’s tough in THE LOST FOREST!


In 1876, a young boy called TIMOTHY BARBER escaped from his cruel uncle, Fumble Fingers Farrow, and came to Australia from England. Timothy carried a bag of seeds given to him by one of the world’s last true FLYING PIGS! This pig had told Timothy that all the creatures of magic and mythology, and those that were thought to be extinct, had gone underground to live safely in a place called the OTHERWORLDS.

As Timothy was a special person, the pig told him to listen for the sounds of the OTHERWORLDS drifting up from below. In these places he should plant one seed from the bag where talking guardian trees – THE LOST FORESTS – would spring up and surround very special TRAPDOORS. These trapdoors were the only entrances to the OTHERWORLDS!

Sadly, Timothy soon misplaced his bag of seeds! However, after growing up and marrying his love, ROSEBUD, they found the bag again and quickly planted

a seed where sounds of the OTHERWORLDS could be heard. Many happy years

of finding more trapdoors followed, but in 1932 . . . once their son, ARTHUR, had become a grown man . . . TIMOTHY and ROSEBUD finally disappeared forever into the OTHERWORLDS. Every LOST FOREST and magic trapdoor they had discovered vanished also.

Arthur had never believed in the OTHERWORLDS, but when his son, TONY, found his grandfather’s bag of magic seeds in 1987 . . . and a map showing where plant them . . . he began replanting THE LOST FORESTS. Each night he would enter the OTHERWORLDS through the trapdoors to search for his grandparents. The toys and products he sold in THE LOST FORESTS above were all based on what he saw during his travels.

Eight years later, all the trapdoors and LOST FORESTS suddenly disappeared again which disappointed countless children who had loved hearing the curious tales about PUGGLES and the OTHERWORLDS. TONY retired from his search, but gave the bag of seeds to a new team of special STORYTELLERS with instructions to replant THE LOST FORESTS when the time was right.

In 2017, the sounds of the OTHERWORLDS were heard again in Melbourne! A seed was planted . . . and now the toys, tales, and magic of THE LOST FORESTS are delighting a new generation of young and “young at heart” once more.

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