The Puggle Tales – Grandma Puggles Missing Silver Eggtimer (Vintage)+ Bookworm



A pre-loved soft cover book with a selection of Puggle and Uggle Tales!

By TONY BARBER (one of our original founders).

62 pages with full-colour illustrations.

Size:    29cm / 11 1/2”


BOOKWORMS: Made from the softest velour and plush filling, the mischievous BOOKWORM is sure to give big smile-filled surprises to young readers! To operate, place your BOOKWORM flat in a book, then close the book leaving the head and tail showing out both ends. Pull the BOOKWORM’S head upwards slowly until the fat tail stops it going any further, and let the head drop down the back of the book. To surprise … pull the tail down sharply to make the BOOKWORM head appear out of the top of the book!

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Suitable for ages 3+

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Weight .376 kg
Book worm

Blue, Coral

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