Whistle Billed Flatapus from The Puggle Tales



Made from soft fur, velour, and plush filling, the WHISTLE BILLED FLATAPUS is quite prone to “excitement attacks”! This cuddly critter doubles as a puppet, and has a tiny “whistler”. Even a first-time puppeteer will be able to create maximum entertainment for young audiences with this lovable FLATAPUS!

Size:    48cm / 18 3/4”

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Suitable for ages 3+

This loveable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …


This OTHERWORLD creature seems to be a close relative of the Australian Duck Billed Platypus . . . that is if looks are anything to go by! Even so, this is where the likeness begins and ends.

The WHISTLE BILLED FLATAPUS sleeps a great deal of the time and buries itself in the sand to hibernate through both the hot summer months, and the cold winter ones too. It leaves only the tip of its tail sticking out of the sand, and when the air temperature and pressure drops or rises to a precise level, it digs itself out . . . backwards!

All FLATAPUS feed on buttercup petals and sometimes dandelion leaves too. They are prone to “excitement attacks” and are very jittery indeed . . . especially when awakening!

If startled or stared at, a WHISTLE BILLED FLATAPUS will start to breath faster through its beak, causing it to make little high-pitched whistling sounds.

As it becomes more “excited” it loses control completely and displays hyperactive behaviour. The only way to calm it down is to flip it over on its back and tickle it under its chin or tummy. Eventually it will go back to sleep.

This explains where the saying, “Don’t get yourself into a FLATAPUS” originated from!

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