Free Storytelling
Every Saturday 2pm in our lovely indoor forest.

Hello new friend of the forests!
We’d love to introduce to you our concept and hope that you’re as taken by it as we are! The Lost Forests is an immersive, interactive storytelling experience. Our stories stem from our book which details how the forests came to be, the secret ‘Otherworlds’ found through our trapdoor and all the mythical, magical and unique creatures it holds host to! Our storytelling team are avid ‘Otherworlds’ enthusiasts who bring the creatures and their tales to life! 

Join in on our regular FREE Storytelling session at 2 pm every Saturday! Here we choose a book from our ‘Book Nook’ and sit down together on a comfy pile of cushions!

This welcoming space allows all to join us from approximately 20 minutes as we read through a specially chosen children’s picture book. 


Feel free to explore ‘The Forests’ after and interact with our Storytellers who really know how to bring the story and creatures to life! 

Added Free Story Times over the school holidays!

Fairy Story Time

We have a magical Otherworlds Fairy telling stories

Explorer Story Time

Saturdays at 2pm