Melb’n Wombat


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MELB’N WOMBAT is made from soft brown fur and plush filling, and is the official LOST FORESTS Tourism Officer for Melbourne, Australia! In real life, MELB’N WOMBAT is quite the talker … so it may please you to know that we haven’t taught these silent toy versions of him to talk yet!

Size:    24cm / 9 3/4”

Colours: Brown

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Suitable for ages 3+

This loveable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …


MELB’N WOMBAT once lived in the Healesville Sanctuary but longed to travel and explore.

One day … quite remarkably … he answered an advertisement placed by the VICTORIAN TOURISM COMMISSION who were looking for a new CHIEF TOURIST OFFICER for the city of MELBOURNE.

MELB’N WOMBAT’S application became mixed up with a human’s … and by mistake he was picked for the job!

Recently we saw MELB’N WOMBAT walking past our LOST FOREST store and offered to build him a tree house here in the city where he could sleep at night after working at his job of CHIEF TOURIST OFFICER. So if you’re ever in MELBOURNE TOWN, you are most welcome to visit the LOST FOREST in the District Docklands shopping centre … where you can hear all about MELB’N WOMBAT’S home.

But if you visit at night … please be as quiet as you can because MELB’N WOMBAT needs his beauty sleep!

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