Coo-ee Koala with Baby a friend of Marco Puggle


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Made from soft grey and white furs, the COO-EE KOALA mother and her baby are the perfect Australian pair to cradle! All COO-EE KOALAS come with their very own re-growing “BUNGIE LEAF” that will feed them for a life time … providing you don’t let them eat it all in one go, of course!

Size:    30cm / 11 3/4”

Colours: Grey and White

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Suitable for ages 3+

This lovable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …

There’s a place in the OTHERWORLDS called KOALA CREEK where … naturally enough … all the different species of koalas go to live! The reason for this is because the extremely rare “BUNGIE TREE” grows there, and BUNGIE TREE leaves taste very much like eucalyptus leaves … only much yummier!

What makes these leaves very special is that once they are picked, a single leaf can regrow itself after every koala mealtime … and seeing as koalas do not “eat like FLYING PIGMIES” … just one BUNGIE LEAF can potentially feed a koala for a lifetime. The only catch is that the koalas have to make sure they never allow themselves to become so hungry that they eat all of their leaf at one meal … because if there’s only one bite left it won’t regrow!

This particularly cute and plentiful koala from the OTHERWORLDS is called a “COO-EE KOALA” because of the sound they make when startled. If you lovingly adopt one of these cuddly critters then be sure to keep its BUNGIE LEAF nearby in case it gets hungry. In THE LOST FOREST we have an unbreakable rule that there must always be a BUNGIE … “within COO-EE”!

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