Gigalot Possum



Made from the softest brown fur, cream velour, and plush filling, the GIGALOT POSSUM is one of the happiest toys we have in our store! Just tip it upside down and jiggle it by its tail to hear it laugh!

Size:     Head to Tail: 34cm / 13 ¼”

Colours: Brown and cream

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Suitable for ages 3+

This loveable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …


Once upon a time there were plenty of GIGALOT POSSUMS in the world.

In earth’s early history they lived everywhere, but as settlers began to discover and explore new lands, they also discovered that the fur of GIGALOT POSSUMS made very good teapot warmers.

When someone finally invented the tea bag it saved these poor possums from total extinction, and those that escaped a “warm” association with teapots retreated to the safety of the OTHERWORLDS beneath the trapdoors in THE LOST FORESTS.

The GIGALOT POSSUM is well named because of its distinct laugh. Providing you aren’t the type of person who still uses teapot warmers . . . and that you are firmly hooked on tea bag jiggling . . . you are welcome to hear a GIGALOT giggle by holding it upside down from its tail and jiggling it!

Don’t worry, you can’t hurt a GIGALOT POSSUM doing this . . . but do make sure it hasn’t got a mouthful of food before trying!

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