Night-time Puggle


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Product Description

Look who has arrived just in time for our Halloween adventure – the Night-time Puggles!

Night-time Puggles live in the Dragon’s Cave in the Otherworlds, which is very dark and cold. Because of this, Night-time Puggles have thicker coats to stay warm. They also grew wings like the bats that also live in the cave, and developed incredible night vision that allows them to see in the dark! πŸŒ™

Unlike regular Puggles, Night-time Puggles eat creepy crawlies that live under rocks in the cave – yuck! πŸ•·πŸœπŸ¦—

These little critters are only visiting for a very short time so be sure to stop by The Lost Forests before they fly away for the year! πŸŽƒ

Size: Β Β Β  16cm

Colours: Black fur with faux leather wings

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Suitable for ages 3+

The word PUGGLE means:

Peace, Understanding, Gentleness, Generosity, Love and Energy.

Wherever PUGGLES go, they always leave behind one of these qualities.

So spread the word . . . and the word is PUGGLE.

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