Vintage Kiddie Kidna


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Kiddie Kidnas are made from black velour with long white fur and carries a red handkerchief

Size: Body –   (36cm / 14”)
Nose to tail   –  (50cm / 191/2″)

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Handmade in The Lost Forests

Suitable for ages 3+


This lovable creature from the OTHERWORLDS also comes with its very own unique “Story Card” featuring this tale …

Kiddie Kidna (Echidna) from the Otherworlds of The Lost Forests has a white furry body with black velour tummy, nose, tail and legs with a red kerchief to wipe his very long runny nose.

The Echidna is best known for its amazing biology.  Like the platypus, this unusual mammal lays eggs and suckles it young.

Echidnas are toothless and feed almost entirely on ants and termites. When disturbed, the echidna either curls into a spiny ball to protect its soft underside, or digs its soft belly into the soil, so that only the spines are exposed.
Also known as the Spiny Anteater


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